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Trustee Information & Agendas
Here you will find all of the Ardrossan Community Sports Hub Trustee agendas and AGM information.

Members of the charity and fitness centre are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting.

Date: Tuesday, 23rd of April
Time: 6pm
Location: Frank Sweeney Centre, 82-86 Glasgow Street, Ardrossan.

Ardrossan Community Sports Hub was formed in 2019 with the purpose to advance public participation in sport through the development and maintaining of sporting and other facilities in Ardrossan for the use of the local community, with the aim of improving health and wellbeing.

Please come along and hear about what has happened in the past year and our plans and aspirations for the future.

Proposed Agenda for the AGM

The agenda for the meeting will be:

1. Welcome and Introduction
– Opening remarks by the Chair
– Introduction of trustees and key participants.

2. Apologies and Attendance
– Recording attendance of trustees and members.
– Noting any apologies received.

3. Chair’s Report
– Overview of the charity’s activities and achievements during the past year.
– Highlight key milestones, challenges, and plans.

4. Treasurer’s Report
– Presentation of financial statements, including income, expenses, and reserves.
– Discussion on financial health and transparency.

5. Gym Managers Report
– Provide an update on how the gym has progressed over the past year, and plans.

6. Special Resolution
– Amendment of Article 24, proposed by the Board of Trustees to reduce the minimum number of Trustees required from 7 to 5.

7. Election of Trustees
– Conduct elections for trustee positions.

8. Any Other Business (AOB)
– Address any additional items not covered in the agenda.

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