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Our Mission Statement
Our Vision, Mission and Values are driven by the huge amount of consultation that has taken place in Ardrossan over the past few years, initially through the BIG Lottery’s “Our Place” initiative and more recently through North Ayrshire Council’s Locality Planning Partnership where Community Regeneration and Environment (including Civic pride and community engagement) are key priorities. It also takes account of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) statistics which highlight health, education, housing, crime and the Scottish Governments strategic objectives.

“… a healthy Ardrossan where people are more active more often – where physical activity and sport helps bring about positive benefits for individuals and our community. Where people will have a positive sense of self- worth and where ‘sport for all’ is a reality”

“to create a community Sports Hub, using physical activity and sport as a means of improving individual health, both physical and mental, and creating a sense of well being and resilience in our community. By creating a successful hub in partnership with other community groups, we will promote a civic pride in our community realising our vision for the town and its environs.”

We have two sets of values. The first is how we will ‘do business’. These descriptors identify our corporate culture, how we will work with external partners and other organisations.

We are accountable
We operate fairly
We operate with integrity

The second set of values reflects how we want the local community to view the service that we will provide. How they feel about taking part in our activities.

We have fun
We are nurtured
We are inclusive
We are supported
We feel safe
We are encouraged to be the best we can be

In order to achieve our Vision, we have four key objectives:

To promote excellent physical and mental health through participation in person-centred sport and physical activity.

To promote a strong, resilient, sustainable and supportive community which has pride in its achievements.

To develop skills for life, learning and work through volunteering and employment.

To improve access to sport and physical activities facilities and environments.

A Volunteer

At ACSH we are always looking out for volunteers that can give a little bit of their spare time in order to help our charity grow, you can view the roles and responsibilities we are looking for here.

Your Community

In order to create a stronger community we need people who can use their skills and experience to help others. In turn, you will get satisfaction from helping the local people who will ultimately benefit.

A Better Tomorrow

By creating more accessible routes for our community to get healthier, fitter and all round better wellbeing you will be directly contributing to the prosperity of Ardrossan and the local community.

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